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Once upon a time, China and Adrian were glamorous urbanites working in the glamorous worlds of art auctions and showbusiness. They attended glamorous parties with household names. They flew to Paris on a whim. They were au courant with the latest in music, movies, and nightlife.

And then they had two kids.

This site is our way of explaining to the world ", shut's cool... it is..really!"

Lily (future supermodel- CEO- president- philanthropist) is almost 3. Pierce (future Red Sox 3rd baseman- CEO- philanthropist- president) just turned 1.

China and Adrian are very tired. But they insist that by starting a new life in Omaha, they've done exactly the right thing.

Enjoy our hijinks on the Great Plains, in a city we call Glamaha.


Pierce: Putting things in his mouth. Walking. Opening cabinet doors. Remote controls and phones. Lily: Princesses. Making friends. Sugary snacks based on licensed characters. China & Adrian: Sleep.