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November 24, 2008


Kathie Carr

Hello China,

I am a fan of your brother Joe. No surprise hey!
I just want to thank you for allowing fans of his access to this site. It is now becoming a favorite of mine just for the site itself . I just wish I had your talent to but this altogether. Nice viewing for all family members forever.

Just a side comment. I have met Joe a few times through SGA events and wanted to tell your family that he is a very nice and friendly man. You can tell the way he talks about his family that you are all very close. When he has talked about his mother and wife Katherine it is very obvious how much he loves them. I asked him a question at a con once on what influence his father and mother had on this life. He told us a few stories about your father and you could tell he loved and respected the man very much. Your family seems very close and I realize that keeping families together takes an effort on everyone's part.

Hopefully you will continue to allow public access to this site. Your brother has many, many fans out there and since the show is now cancelled and he seems to be a very private person, we feel we will loose contact with him.
We are hoping that he will open a site that he can tell fans what he is up to and where he will be appearing next. Oneliners is fine, no need for back and forth dialogue. You never know, it might happen.

Anyways, thank you and hope 2009 is good to you and your family.

Kathie Carr.

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