> Reno Summer 2008

Not the usual array of Summer photos that I usually upload, but I did get some good ones at the reunion in Colorado. Just a few snaps of the Blake Summer travails. Three weeks in Reno followed by a week in Colorado and then home. Sort of a whirlwind, but we had a swell time.

Road Trip
Adrian Drives
Nevada Mountains
Happy Birthday Grant
Tia Mia and Twin Engrossed
Poolside High Jinx
Super Soaker
Wig Kids Afloat!
A Twin
Official i-Phone Owner Lives and Works in Reno!
This Could Be Fun
Bowling is for the Birds!
Dan n Fave Niece
No Endorsements
Montreaux Picnic and Pops
Ice-Cream at Montreaux
America's Lonliest Road
Lazy Shamrock
Respect the Pink Cowboy Boots
Ranch Riding
Nancy + Trixie
Joe n Kat on the Road Again...
Katherine and the Children
Kenly and "Big Enough"
Big House
Do We Want to Know?
Hudz & Kate
C-Love and ADB
Barn Dance Bonkers
Total Barn Dance!
O'Kane Mania!!
Insane DS Posse
Usual High Jinx
Monkey'in Around with Mobility Vehicles
Ever Faithful and Fabulous Dog
Memoir Cover or Album Cover?
When Cousins Find Rocks!
Pastoral T-Man
Cousins Throw Rocks (part II)
Cousins Throw Rocks (part I)
Pretty Flowers